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At Planning Meeting with Changing the Narrative to Discuss Outreach to HR Professionals

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At Sam Gary Branch of Denver Public Library for Connected and Creative Aging

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Reframing Aging Training for Advocates and Leaders


Speaking about age discrimination at the Denver Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi 


I had the honor of speaking at Disrupt HR on August 23, 2018. I spoke about the benefits of age diversity in the workplace

Watch Age Diversity in the Workplace


Disrupt HR

Kris Dunn from Fistful of Talent discusses ITAQ and unconscious bias



At All:In Generational Diversity Workshop in Denver

A panel consisting of a Gen Z, Gen X, Baby Boomer and Millennial discussing age discrimination in the workplace.  The takeaway – don’t put anyone in a box. We are individuals.



Mike McKibbin of the Neighborhood Gazette wrote a story about age discrimination and the campaign.

I, Too, Am Qualified Takes on Age Discrimination


We held an informal brainstorming meeting on March 24, 2018 to discuss ways to address age discrimination in the workplace.  We need to show a benefit to employers to hiring older workers – ways we can help their bottom line.  Some ideas on reaching out to managers/employers are: provide a speaker at Chamber of Commerce meetings, lunch and learn meetings and mini Ted-like talks. Participants of the meeting would like interview training, training on how to own their own business and referral network for older workers. 


Fantastic workshop with the Colorado Encore Network Meetup and Boomers Leading Change to discuss a new initiative called Reframing Aging.  The training advances a different story about aging. featured I, Too, Am Qualified on their blog

5 Real Stories of People Who Have Faced Ageism


We met with Colorado Rep. Ed Perlmutter on February 24, 2018 to discuss co-sponsoring House Bill 2650, Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act. 

Colorado Matters on Colorado Public Radio covered age discrimination and the I, Too, Am Qualified awareness campaign.

CPR Colorado Matters – Age Discrimination

On December 14, 2017, I had the honor of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act at the EEOC Denver headquarters.






The Colorado Independent featured the I, Too, Am Qualified campaign 

It started from a post on LinkedIn from author Brigette Hyacinth: “’He is ‘too old’ for this job,’ the HR manager said to me after we interviewed John (not his real name). John had been laid off by his previous employer due to restructuring at the age of 53 yrs. Ageism in the workplace is very real. I see uproars over every other “ism” (sexism, racism…etc) but everyone turns a blind eye to ageism.” Continue reading by clicking on the link.

I, Too, Am Qualified in the Colorado Independent


The Daily Camera covered age discrimination in Boulder County and the I, Too, Am Qualified awareness campaign

Older workers twice as likely to be “long-term unemployed”

Age discrimination complaints in Boulder County, up on average

AARP Colorado Blog

AARP Colorado